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Foliar Feeding, spraying nutrients on the leaves of plants, is more effective and efficient than pouring products on roots of plants.

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Keeping Cats Out of Your Garden

Cats in the garden are generally not a good thing. They are less likely than dogs to flop on plants, crushing them. And much more likely to use the garden as a litter box. This is never a pleasant discovery for the gardener and especially so if you garden without gloves. Whether your own cat […]

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Protect Your Roses from Black Spot Disease

Black Spot is a fungal disease that attacks roses in many parts of the United States, targeting young leaves and newer canes. Here are some tips to limit this problem in your rose garden. Choose your rose varieties with disease resistance in mind. Thoughtful breeding has expanded the selection and there are now a wide […]

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“I've been using Spray-N-Grow for years. This year I tried Bill's Perfect Fertilizer and Spray-N-Grow once a week, WOW what a difference.”

Barbara Buster (Muscatine, Iowa)

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